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Which features make boat hooks so useful?

  ​​  The boat hook is one of the most overlooked, but important pieces of boating equipment. Boat hooks are used for commercial fishing, dredging, retrieval, docking, and maneuvering boats, rafts, logs, and more. If you find yourself navigating through marshes with low hanging tree branches, boat hooks can even help you pull the branches down so that your boat can move easily through the waters...read more
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Don’t Ruin The Fun: Boating Safety Essentials

    Boating safety is something that seems to slip our minds and something we often taken for granted until we hear about or experience a boating accident. Some of the most basic safety rules in the boating world are forgotten and can lead to serious accidents. Lack of planning and safety precautions can take the fun out of boating, and learning the basics of boat safety can help avoid disaster and save lives...read more
FAQs About Boat Hooks

    ​​Boat hooks have many features that make them essential to have on any marine vessel. Here are a few frequently asked questions about boat hooks:

What are boat hooks used for?
    Boat hooks, also known as spike poles, are used for commercial fishing, dredging, retrieval, docking, launching, mooring, and maneuvering boats, rafts, logs, and more. Boat hooks/spike poles can also...read more
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A Little Bit About Our Company and Our Products

    ​​Acquah's Enterprise was founded by Eric Acquah in 2011 and quickly grew to become an industry leader in marine hardware. Based in Maitland, Florida, Acquah's Enterprises has been supplying boat hook poles and assisting companies with their marine supply needs for many years, and enjoying every bit of it. The most important thing...read more
The Importance of Boat Docking Hooks

    Does wind or current drift your boat away from the dock when you step off? Do you need to extend your reach as you moor your boat? Do you constantly encounter debris that you need to move away from your boat as you dock? Boat docking hooks can prove extremely beneficial...read more
It Is Grouper Season in Florida

It must be springtime in Florida because grouper season has officially started! Red, black, yellowfin, yellowmouth, rock hind, red hind, and scamp Gulf of Mexico grouper species can now be harvested in Florida waters (as of April 1st) in the following Southwest Florida counties: Franklin, Wakulla, Jefferson, and Taylor, including all waters of the Steinhatchee River, Apalachicola Bay, and Indian Pass. This year’s grouper season will remain open through...read more
Boating Safety During a Storm

​​Here at Acquah's Enterprise, we care about the quality of our service, customer feedback, and how satisfied you are with our boat hooks. We also care about your safety and educating you on a few helpful boating tips and facts...read more
Don't Do It: Boating Under the Influence

Did you know that a boat operator can become impaired more quickly than a driver of a car and the penalties of boating under the influence (BUI) can include large fines, serious jail time, and revoked boating privileges? It is against the law to​​...read more
Tips for Boat Docking

Everyone has their own way of docking their particular boat, and as we all know, some ways seem to work better than others. Bringing your boat to the dock is both a basic skill and an imperative one to learn how to do right. Here are a few tips​​...read more
Advantages of Using a Wooden Boat Hook

Having the right boating tools when you are out on the water is just as important as having the right tackle. The right boating tools, such as a wooden boat hook, will make essential...read more