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The DCA’s Mission: To improve the quality and responsiveness of dredging service delivery to the Nation, ensuring that America’s ports, waterways, wetlands and beaches are efficiently constructed and maintained in an environmentally sustainable manner using innovative methods and American ingenuity.
Our activities can be summarised as follows:

​We provide an independent forum where all those involved in any kind of activity related to dedging and marine construction can meet and discuss dredging issues
We generate and disseminate quality, impartial knowledge and information about all aspects of dredging to those who either want it or need it.
IADC’s mission is:

​to inform the world about the fundamental need for dredging and the
​ economic, social, technological and environmental benefits thereof:

​to improve the international business climate for the private dredging industry;
to promote fair contract conditions and fair competition within the dredging markets;
to promote worldwide the Standards of Professional Conduct which form the basis for all members’ operations;
to promote the industry as an innovative industry with attractive career opportunities.
China Dredging Association (CHIDA) is making every endeavor to develop the dredging industry in China and to play the role of bridge and the between the government and the member, to keep the legal rights of its members. The purposes of CHIDA are promoting the exchange of knowledge within the field concerning dredging, advancing the link with the organizations of correlated categories in the world, and enhancing the technical and operation-management levels of the dredging industry in China.
Boat Ed provides print and Internet boating safety courses for 49 states, plus the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.
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Land-based or afloat, our boat show database offers dates, locations, and contact info on U.S. boat-related shows and events, plus major Canadian venues. And yes, we're currently compiling overseas events so that we can offer global boat show pages.
Boat plans , patterns and supplies. For the amature boat builder
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